Ways to maintain good eyesight | tips for healthy eye

Natural eye care tips : It’s the age of technology and we are more than ever using our eyes to check our phones, computer screens, gaming consoles and televisions, which can lead to eye fatigue. Eat healthy, exercise regularly and more to take care of eyes, suggest experts.

Sanjay Verma, Head Of Department, Ophthalmology, Paras Hospitals Gurugram and K. Bhujang Shetty, Chairman and Managing Director, Narayana Nethralaya, Bengaluru, have some straightforward strides:

* Adequate rest is basic for eye wellbeing and enables the eyes to repair and recuperate. Eight hours of sound rest around evening time will go far in achieving better visual quality.

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* Our eyes require different supplements to work ideally. Vitamins and minerals alongside green verdant vegetables and protein sources help to keep the eyes solid and sharp.

* Regular exercise keeps your body fit as well as makes your eyes sound by pumping more blood and oxygen to your eyes.

* A dominant part of office occupations require consistent and coordinate scowling at the PC screen, making it troublesome for your eyes. Make a point to take a break, like clockwork for no less than 20 seconds.

* Regular physical exam at any rate twice a year will keep you mindful and makes essential move in time.

* Keep your eyes shielded from presentation to hurtful UV beams

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